Demand Forecasting with Machine Learning Models

The path to the highest demand forecasting accuracy yet.

When it comes to demand forecasting accuracy, machine learning models beat state-of-the-art models by 5-15%, every time.

Every demand forecasting competition since 2018 has been won by ML-models.

And you can you benefit from this quite easily: We have developed a model that you can use to get…

  • higher demand forecasting accuracy
  • lower inventory levels
  • less shortages, and ultimately more sales
  • a more environmentally friendly supply chain.

SupChains is working for & with

This is how it works

1. Assess your needs

Use our original, proven 4-dimensions forecasting framework to assess the right forecasting granularity you need. Learn more.

2. Create the model

We create a unique, tailor-fit model using your available data to achieve unprecedented forecasting accuracy.

3. Transfer the model

The new model can now be implemented. We transfer it to your team and show them how to use it as they want.

Request your Proof of Concept

    1. Initial Contact
    Please use our contact form and enter your contact details.

    2. Intro Call
    In this call, we confidentially identify your concrete needs and see whether our model is the right fit.

    3. Individual offer
    If we can help you, you will receive our non-binding offer of the proof of concept.

    4. Decision
    Get a good understanding of our proposal. We will be at your disposal for further information!

    About SupChains

    We help companies worldwide to achieve excellence in demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

    SupChains is specialized in forecasting and inventory optimization. Next to training demand planners, we are also supporting multinational supply chains when it comes to inventory optimization, forecasting, and the implementation of machine learning or coaching and training.

    Our goal is to bring state-of-the-art supply chain excellence to companies around the world. By working together with you.

    Nicolas Vandeput founded SupChains in 2016. Passionate about education, he has taught forecasting and inventory optimization to master students in Brussels & Paris. He published his best-selling books “Data Science for Supply Chain Forecasting” in 2018 and “Inventory Optimization: Models and Simulations” in 2020.