Live Training: Inventory Optimization


By the end of the training, you will be able to…

  • Avoid the most common pitfalls of inventory optimization
  • Explain the different types of service levels
  • Assess your supply chain maturity level
  • Set safety stock targets for your company
  • Optimize inventory policies to maximize profits
  • Optimize inventory policies across a global, multi-layer network
  • Identify the bullwhip effect and take appropriate actions to reduce/remove it
  • Identify and classify the five main inventory costs, explain how they impact optimal inventory levels
  • Identify and segment actual inventory in 9 subcategories

For whom is this training?

  • Demand planners, supply planners, inventory managers, supply chain analysts, and supply chain scientists who want to learn how to optimize inventory.
  • Supply chain managers (S&OP managers, Project leaders, IT project leaders) who want to understand how to optimize a supply chain or get a better understanding of inventory optimization (before setting up a major project/initiative/software implementation).
  • Data scientists who want to learn how they can use their quantitative skills to optimize supply chains


Seven 2-hours online live sessions will be organized by teams of 8 to 10 participants (maximum of 12). Participants will engage in multiple discussions and debates, sharing ideas and experiences.

On top of these discussions, participants will have to answer frequent online questions using wooclap (around 80 questions over seven sessions). In addition, multiple DIY exercises will be done, including a short business game.

Business Game “The fresh connection”

During the training, we will apply learnings and new best practices in a business game: the fresh connection. 4-players teams will take control of a virtual supply chain, where each player will have different functions (purchasing, operation, supply chain, sales). The objective is to maximize ROI while aligning all decisions

Main Clients

About SupChains

We help companies worldwide to achieve excellence in demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

SupChains is specialized in forecasting and inventory optimization. Next to training demand planners, we are also supporting multinational supply chains when it comes to inventory optimization, forecasting, and the implementation of machine learning or coaching and training.

Our goal is to bring state-of-the-art supply chain excellence to companies around the world. By working together with you.

Nicolas Vandeput founded SupChains in 2016. Passionate about education, he has taught forecasting and inventory optimization to master students in Brussels & Paris. He published his best-selling books “Data Science for Supply Chain Forecasting” in 2018 and “Inventory Optimization: Models and Simulations” in 2020.