Demand Planning & Forecasting Training

Achieve better demand forecasting accuracy by training your demand planning team

Find out how to structure an effective demand planning & forecasting process. Make better judgmental forecasts by avoiding cognitive and team biases. Assess the right granularity and horizon for your company. Multiple international corporations are already implementing the best practices discussed in the training.

Founder Nicolas Vandeput is also known for

Demand Forecasting Training: Tap Into A Proven Process

Less Complexity


Bringing clarity to the fundamentals of the process.

Proven Models


Using state-of-the-art models and best practices.

Clear Objectives


Developing clear KPIs and objectives to ensure accuracy.

Meet the Expert

Nicolas Vandeput

…is a supply chain data scientist specialized in demand forecasting and inventory optimization. He founded his consultancy company SupChains in 2016 and co-founded SKU Science — a demand forecasting platform — in 2018. Passionate about education, Nicolas is both an avid learner and enjoys teaching at universities: he has taught forecasting and inventory optimization to master students since 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2020, he is also teaching both subjects in CentraleSupelec, Paris, France. He published Data Science for Supply Chain Forecasting in 2018 (2nd edition in 2021) and Inventory Optimization: Models and Simulations in 2020.

Nicolas is the author of two best selling supply chain books


Demand Forecasting & Planning Excellence Training

Deep understanding of the fundamentals

First of all the demand planners are getting a strong foundation and understanding of the basics. General definitions, forecasting frameworks and KPIs.

End-to-end supply chain optimization

Stakeholders in a supply chain are all interconnected. Learn how to collaborate with external clients & suppliers and avoid politics.

Enabling world-class state-of-the-art

The training guides practitioners step-by-step to the best practices. Interactions with attendees (in discussions, polls, self-assessments) ensures measurable sustainable impact after the training.

Cutting edge models and frameworks

Nicolas Vandeput is a world-class expert in demand forecasting. Your organization will profit from his deep scientific knowledge and consulting experience.

This is what other experts say

“Demand forecasting at Competec AG imposed a big challenge to our team, due to the large catalog size (~250K products), the diversity of products’ categories as well as erratic historical demand. Thanks to Nicolas Vandeput, we could not only build forecasting models for our products, but also could improve our inventory optimization policy by involving more important factors to our solution.”


“Nicolas Vandeput hacks his way through the maze of quantitative supply chain optimizations. He is at the forefront of a new and better way of doing supply chains, and thanks to a richly illustrated book, where every single situation gets its own illustrating code snippet, so could you.”


“In an age where analytics and machine learning are taking on larger roles in business forecasting, Nicolas’ book is perfect for professionals who want to understand how they can use technology to predict the future more reliably.”


“The objective of Data Science for Supply Chain Forecasting is to show practitioners how to apply the statistical and ML models described in the book in simple and actionable “do-it-yourself” ways by showing, first, how powerful the ML methods are, and second, how to implement them with minimal outside help, beyond the “do-it-yourself” descriptions provided in the book.”


It was awesome working with Nicolas. He is the best way to quickly and efficiently ramp up a solid data science team with the right framework to move quickly on supply chain, forecasting, and inventory challenges. He was responsive to all our questions, even session to session. Even when the concepts weren’t new, it was still useful to see all the terms in one place and dive deep into them practically for our use cases. Nicolas’s expertise was incredibly valuable. We definitely look forward to working with him again!


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Do you want to tap into a clear and proven process of demand forecasting?


When working together with several multinational corporations from all over the world we have realized the immense potential of more efficient and accurate demand forecasting and planning.

With the increasing complexity of supply chains — an ever-increasing portfolio complexity, long lead-times due to international suppliers, demanding clients, combined with internal politics —, it has become challenging for demand planners to guarantee forecast accuracy.

The question arises: How can we achieve demand forecasting excellence?

With the demand planning training we are finally bringing clarity to the fundamentals of the process and adapting the latest proven models to achieve uncompromising precision in forecasting.

Combined with the in-depth knowledge that we transfer within the training, the demand planners will develop clear KPIs and objectives to ensure accuracy.

Companies around the world are still wasting money due to ineffective planning processes. With this training we are finally able to change that.

What are you waiting for?


About SupChains

We help companies to optimize their supply chain by building and implementing state of the art models.

SupChains is specialised in forecasting and inventory optimization. Next to training demand planners we are also consulting multinational supply chain departments when it comes to inventory optimization, forecasting and the implementation of python or coaching and training.

Our goal is to bring state of the art supply chain excellence to companies around the world.


Founder Nicolas Vandeput

“Supply chain management is about making decisions. How can we make sure that all these teams are aligned when making their forecasts? This is what I will do when training your demand planners!”

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